We want to help build a future guided by cooperation, wisdom, and care.

There is a good chance that we are on the cusp of a future with many more lives at stake. The actions we take now could have large downstream effects for centuries to come. So far, humanity has had a mixed track record. While we have brought many advances into this world, our conflicts, malice, and indifference have also caused great misery. We want to ensure that our future is shaped by our best impulses instead of our worst.


All beings who can suffer count.

This includes nonhuman animals as well as nonbiological beings humanity might create or encounter.


We are willing to make bets.

However, we only want to do so when we understand the potential downsides as well as the potential upsides. When it comes to having an impact on the world, there is always a risk of accidentally doing harm.


We are pragmatic in service of our goals.

We are willing to be unconventional. If we believe a project or person is worth backing, it does not matter to us if it is unusual.


We help make new projects a reality.

We believe we can add the most value early on. If we can be helpful beyond providing funds, we want to be.


Ruairi Donnelly


David Althaus

Vice President

Daniel Kestenholz

Chief Operating Officer

In addition, we rely on a large number of external advisors with domain expertise to help us evaluate potential grants and investments.